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3. Table of Contents

**Please note: A table of contents can only be generated if you've already applied heading styles (see previous section).

This section shows you how to:

How to create and update a table of contents
How to remove items from a table of contents
How to modify your table of contents

Creating a Table of Contents

Move to the page of the document where the Table of Contents is to be placed.  A table of contents can be added to a document at any time and then updated as the document develops. 

  • On the References tab,  select Table of Contents
  • Select Custom Table of Contents
  • Check the settings & change any as required (e.g. Heading levels required)
  • Click OK

Updating your Table of Contents

If you add or remove content, change or move around your headings, you will need to refresh and update the Table of contents. This can be done as  follows:

  • Click on the Update Table button on the References tab 


  • Right-click anywhere on the Table of Contents, and select Update Field from the shortcut menu
  • Select either Page numbers only, or Update Entire Table
  • Click OK

Modifying what’s included in a Table of Contents

If items appear in the Table of Contents incorrectly, it’s because the item has a Heading Style applied to it incorrectly or the Table of Contents options are set to pick up incorrect styles.

Removing Unwanted Items from a Table of Contents

  • Locate the item in the document (Ctrl+Click on the item in the Table of Contents)
  • Amend the style (apply the Normal style if appropriate)
  • Update the Table of Contents as shown above

Modifying the Table of Contents options

  • If the Table of Contents is picking up additional unwanted styles, click anywhere on the Table of Contents & select the Table of Contents button on the References ribbon tab
  • In the Table of Contents dialogue box, click on the Options button
  • Check the included styles are correct
  • To add any styles, enter a level number alongside the style name e.g. 1 =main TOC item, 2=sub TOC item etc.
  • To stop a style from being included, remove the number next to the style name
  • Click OK
  • Refresh the table of contents