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4. Page Numbering

This section shows you how  to page number your document.

Many students wish to have 2 different types of numbering in their dissertation i.e. Roman numbers in the preliminary section (all pages before the Introduction) & then restarted Arabic numbering from the Introduction page onwards. 

You need to split your document into two sections for this type of page numbering so that 1 section can have different numbering to the other. 

Watch the short tutorial below to see how it's done (video has no sound):


Step by Step Guide here:

Step 1:  Check for page breaks

  • Go to the end of your preliminary pages (i.e. just before the Introduction page). Check for any existing page breaks in your document by clicking the Show/Hide button (ΒΆ) in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. If you discover a page break at this point, you must delete it, as it needs to be replaced with a section break. 

Step 2: Apply a Section break

  • Select Breaks on the Page Layout tab.
  • Select the Next Page type of section break. Click OK.

Step 3: Apply the Page Numbering

  • Select the Insert tab, and then click Page Number button. Select the required positioning (e.g. Top of Page or Bottom of Page) then select the type/position of the number  (e.g.plain number on the left, right or centre of the page). 

Once the numbers are visible at this point, your numbering should be consistent throughout the file, regardless of section breaks.

Step 4: Set up Roman Numbered Page Numbers in the First Section

  • To change the preliminary page numbering - select any page number in that section. Right-click it and select Format Page Numbers. In the Number Format box, select one of the Roman Numerals styles from the list and click OK.

The second section (main document) will still correctly be showing Arabic numbering at this point. If required, you can then restart the page numbering in that section to 1. See below:

Step 5: To Restart the numbering in Section 2 to '1'

  • Move your cursor to the Introduction page & double click the footer to edit it. 
  • Right click the number and select Format Page Numbers
  • At the bottom, select Start At and ensure that the number '1' is displayed in the box. Click OK

To Delete a Section Break

If you have applied a Section break incorrectly & need to delete it,  ensure that you have selected the Show/Hide button in the Paragraph box, so that you can see all of the section breaks in your document.

  • Locate the section break & and press Delete