If you're using Word for Windows

1. Fonts, Margins & Line Spacing

This section shows you how to set:

Font/Point size
Line spacing

Our example uses Arial font and 12pt font size, double line spacing and set up for double-sided printing. The margins will be set to 2.54mm. 

Ctrl+A shortcutSetting the Font/Point Size

  • Select any existing text (shortcut Ctrl+A)
  • Change the font & point size to those required in your guidelines using the Font & Point size buttons on the Home tab (e.g. Arial, 12pt).  I recommend setting the Default font for this document to stop Word from reverting it back again.

Setting the Default Font

  • Right click anywhere in your text
  • Select Font
  • Check the font/style & point size are correct
  • Click on the Set as Default button at the bottom
  • Select This Document Only, then OK

Setting Line Spacing

  • To set your line spacing, select any text that you have already written (use Ctrl+A
  • Right click anywhere on the text, select Paragraph from the shortcut menu
  • Select the required Line Spacing e.g. 1.5 or 2), click OK

Setting Margins

  • On the Layout tab, select Margins
  • Your margins should be set to 2.54cm on  the left, right, top & bottom of your pages.

Watch this short video on how to do this:

Try it! Download this document: Sample Dissertation Document